The delight of having a bright smile is something that is incomparable. Often we neglect our teeth, with many people delaying their trips to the dentist. However, to maintain a shiny smile and impeccable dental hygiene, you should consider professional teeth cleaning at a dentist office. Professional teeth cleaning may also be referred to as a ‘deep clean’ or ‘descaling’. Essentially, it is called the effective removal of all bacterial plaque and tartar, which reduces the build-up of bacteria, helps relieve possible gum inflammation and facilitates daily cleaning of teeth. If you are looking for this service in Centennial, Colorado, then you will be able to find what you need at the DaSilva Family Dentistry. 

What does a professional clean involve?

This type of procedure requires professional equipment and techniques for proper removal; it is a type of clean that attacks the deeper layers of the teeth and gums, removing any trace of bacteria which may have gathered in between the gum line over time. The dentist removes bacterial plaque and tartar from the teeth using special instruments. Dental plaque is a film that forms permanently over the entire surface of the teeth. It is made up of bacteria, bacterial byproducts, and your saliva. Mineral ions in saliva combine with plaque on the tooth surface and solidify to form an irregular and unpleasant deposit called tartar. It is impossible to remove this fully without having a professional clean. Although mouthwash can assist, it does not fully remove the stains and tartar that still sit on the gum line. 


You can expect minimal disruption and discomfort. A professional clean often takes around thirty to sixty minutes, but this depends on the amount of bacterial plaque that has built up. Having regular deep cleans can also help slow the onset of any dental diseases, such as gum disease. With high pressure jet washes, the dentist will clean each tooth thoroughly, and if you already have gum disease or a type of periodontal issues, it is recommended that you have a professional clean at least every three to six months. 

What is the end result?

During the clean, instruments such as ultrasonic tips and manual curettes are used and tartar is removed from the teeth. A type of polishing agent is then used to buff the teeth and give them an added shine, which adds to the pleasant aesthetic that you can enjoy following the treatment. Your dentist will advise you on how often you should perform scaling and polishing. It is important to remember that professional cleaning is part of a good oral hygiene routine and should never replace brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. To help prevent plaque buildup, your dentist will advise you for regular check ups and proper dental hygiene maintenance. It is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is in fact a main aspect of good hygiene. 

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