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"Everyone in the office is really nice. Dr. DaSilva takes the time to explain procedures and answer questions. He also follows up with you later in the day in case you have more questions or concerns."

by anonymous (April 10, 2012)


"I hate going to the dentist (who doesn't, right?) But the Dr. DaSilva makes it as painless and easy as possible. I highly recommend trying them out, if you aren't thrilled with your current dentist. Thank you again DaSilva Family!!"

by kellyc (April 6, 2012)


"My family and I are very thankful for your services. Great Job!"

by williamd (April 5, 2012)


"Dr. DaSilva and his medical staff are just outstanding. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. You feel comfortable and well taken care of the whole time. He also saw my 17 month baby and he was so kind. Because of them, I can say I love going to the dentist!"

by renatao (March 25, 2012)


"Dr. DaSilva is very thorough, explains everything in detail, very patient & understanding. He gives you options and let's you choose what's best for you. He's very gentle and makes dental work very bearable. And his cutting edge technology, yet very affordable-- blew my mind away. Those looking for a great dentist-- give this dental office a shot. Besides the dentist being great, his staff is warm and kind."

by lawrencem (March 23, 2012)


"It was very good , the doctors are courteous.Its just that I developed a bit of pain in my upper left jaw after treatement , but as per Dr Dasilva , it is because of a bit of stress and will go in few days."

by anonymous (March 21, 2012)


"Dr. DaSilva and his staff were terrific as usual. I arrived 5 minutes early and the appointment started immediately! Jasmine was wonderful, and I was in and out of there in no time. Plus, no cavities! Whahoo!!"

by nathanm (March 15, 2012)


"Excellent everthing. No more words."

by sarac (March 14, 2012)


"Dr DaSilva and staff are friendly, caring and gentle in the care of their patients. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the dentist!"

by anonymous (March 5, 2012)


"Excellent service, state of the art equipment"

by anonymous (March 4, 2012)


"Another great experience at DaSilva's practice.Great with adults and great with kids.We drive 1 hour South and another hour back North for a reason.We have lots of dentist around us. But DaSilva way of treating patients and professionalism, is more than worth the drive!You guys are awesome!"

by cinthiaw (February 23, 2012)


"I purchased a coupon package for an exam, x-rays and cleaning. I didn't expect much but the basics. I was pleasantly surprised! Dr. DaSilva and his staff were very welcoming, knowledgeable, and thorough. I have had bad experiences in the past and Dr. DaSilva was very gentle and understanding. I will continue to use DaSilva Family Dentistry for my future visits!"

by kristenr (February 21, 2012)


"Dr DaSilva and crew are great! Modern equipment and techniques, great service and a personalized feel.Going to stay with DrD and will recommend to friends.Much thanks!"

by johnh (February 18, 2012)


"My visit was quick and painless. The staff is very friendly and takes very good care of you."

by emilyw (February 13, 2012)


"From the moment you come into their doors they make you feel welcome"

by osmyrc (February 11, 2012)



by johnc (February 11, 2012)


"Another good experience at the dentist."

by ericc (February 10, 2012)


"Dr DaSilva is a great dentist. Very professional, skilled, caring, and kind. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is reluctant to seek dental care."

by virginiab (January 23, 2012)


"I have been a patient with Dr. DaSilva and let me tell you that evry time I go the staff is always there to assist and make your visit pleasureable. My Dentures were done and I fell like a new person with a new smile. Thank Everybody. Jonathan Negron( One happy camper)"

by jonathann (January 17, 2012)


"Dr. DaSilva and his team are very professional and caring, they always make you feel comfortable. we love to go there!thanks!"

by anad (January 16, 2012)


"The personal care and attention my family and I receive at the Da Silva Family Dentistry is oustanding.My wife, kids, and I are treated as family members by the staff--my 1 year old was allowed to sit on my lap a few days ago while I was getting my teeth cleaned...There is no other place I would go to for dental care in the area: I found my perfect dentist."

by guy patricet (January 16, 2012)


"I have been going to see Dr. DaSilva for about six months now, and I'm always impressed by the level of service and how friendly they are. I also noticed that they seem to have invested in new dental technology, which for me, actually lead to a more comfortable dental experience."

by anonymous (January 11, 2012)


"I have had great service before, but Dr. DaSilva and his staff are excellent! I would recommend this office to anyone."

by shannont (December 31, 2011)


"As always friendly and professional. A dentist you can look forward to going to."

by jamesr (December 23, 2011)


"The office manager was able to get us in for an exam the same day as my son's gums were swollen. The cost was very reasonable and the Dentist was excellent. Highly recommended!"

by anonymous (December 13, 2011)


"I just want to share with you all the experience that I had yesterday with Dr. DaSilva and his staff. It was amazing. He treated me like I was his only patient, he made me feel special. I usually don't like going to the dentist, in general, but it went so smooth that I didn't mind.Thank you so much for everything, Dr. DaSilva!!!!!"

by fabioa (December 7, 2011)


"Friendly service, and the I got the service I wanted. I would recommend this dentist and his staff to all who need a little care."

by philippm (December 5, 2011)


"I was treated like a queen! Dr.DaSilva is the most kind and considerate dentist I've ever had. He is gentle, caring and concerned in delivering the right message about what needs to be done. He uses simple language to make sure we understand all is happening and the solution. He is a hard worker and his professionalism ranks one of the most upadted in the knowledge of dentistry. His office is the most modern with equipment from the 21st century.The staff are very friendly and competent. I am impressed but not surprised. I recomend Dr. DaSilva to anyone who praises excellent customer care and knoledge. Congratulations Ricardo, and much success to you and blessings to your family!"

by janyz (November 24, 2011)


"They were so nice and professional I would recommend them to all my friends and family...Thank you for all your great help and kindness."

by frankr (November 24, 2011)


"I came for a second opinion. Fabia did her best to accommodate my appointment as soon as possible. I received a honest and clear opinion about my situation, as well as two treatment plans. Very professional, very friendly and a brand new facility."

by normay (November 21, 2011)


"As Always I have the most wonderful time as Dr. DaSilva takes care of my teeth. I know I am in good hands. Thank You Dr.I wish I can tell the whole state of Colorado about this place. Luz and Jonathan Negron."

by luzn (November 19, 2011)


"It was my first time at Dasilva Family Dentistry. They were very professional and carring. Lovely Staff, and great environment. I felt like they cared about me. They took their time to explain the procedure. I went to a few other dentists before but i was not satisfied with their survices because they never took their time to explain they always seem to be in a hurry to see the next patient in line. But i'm at ease with DASILVA FAMILY DENTISTRY. If it wasn't for you guys i would have never gotten my teeth treatment. thank you, you guys are the best."

by guffranc (November 18, 2011)


"I was just in to see the Doctor and the team for a broken tooth which ended up not just requiring a cap, but also root canal. To say the least the entire team treats you like you are part of their family. It is the best experience I have ever had for any type of doctor visit especially one that is quite uncomfortable. I highly recommend the Doctor and his team1"

by ericc (November 17, 2011)


"I chipped a tooth and the doctor did an excellent job fitting a temporary cap and planning for the permanent cap. As always the everyone is very friendly and concerned that you are given the best of care."

by ericc (November 4, 2011)


"Quick and painless. Always a pleasant experience"

by jamesr (October 31, 2011)


"Very friendly staff...friendly environment...good service."

by anonymous (October 30, 2011)


"This is my wife second visit and Dr. Dasilva did a great job, My Wife was a little concern about the needles but she left there very pleased. Thanks Again JOnathan and Lu"

by luzn (October 20, 2011)


"It was a pleasure to meet all the staff. Very friendly atmosfere, make you feel very good. Dr Ricardo, explain me everithing after the Xray was taken, and all the checkup and cleaning went very smooth."

by corneliab (October 15, 2011)


"Excellent as always! I have recommended to family and friends."

by marianab (October 14, 2011)


"I worked with Dasilva Family Dentistry since February 2011 and truly recommend this Dentistry to anyone. First day I started I felt like I was home! Dr. Dasilva works with every details and experience to do the best procedure for any Patient, no matter who you are or what you do. I'm proud to be and to have been a Dental Assistant for this extravagant office and wish the best for them each day; If I wasn't moving, I would definitely stay with them! The harmony and friendship of everyone at this office is so nice and pure that when you arrive there it gives you a positive attitude, no matter how your moods are. Thank you so much for all the help, teaching, care and love that you've given to me and to every Patient. God bless you all."

by shirleyt (October 14, 2011)


"Have you seen someone HAPPY to go to the dentist? Impossible? Only if you are not a DaSilva patient!Dr DaSilva is extremely keen in what he does and sensitive to the patient needs and preferences.Always a joy to come back to that office!Keep up the good work DaSilva team! Thanks for taking such a great care of my dental health."

by cinthiaw (October 12, 2011)


"First time in the office. Dr. DaSilva was very good and fixed all the problems with my teeth, cleaning, cavity, etc. I hadn't been to the dentist in 8 months but now my teeth are back to perfect. Staff was also very nice and helpful in filing with my insurance as well."

by anonymous (October 10, 2011)


"The staff is so friendly and although I dread visiting the dentist (who doesn't?), it was painless and Dr. Ricardo Dasilva is an excellent Dentist. I highly recommend them!"

by kellyc (September 24, 2011)


"This is a great dentist, friendly, informative, genuine, and I was able to take my kids with, wihout feeling like they were an annoyance. :)"

by saraq (September 14, 2011)


"Excellent dental appointment. I really appreciated that their office stays open late on Wednesdays so that I don't have to miss work to go to the dentist.Already having my wife come as well.Thank you so much!"

by nathanm (September 11, 2011)


"Not every dentist has the heavenly gift of treating 4 years old! Dr Ricardo has such a caring and calm approach, that my son's treatment was done in a fast time, no bribing, no negotiating with the kid - which usually back fires. Just a calm and comforting approach which lead to cooperation and everything went easy as a breeze.My treatment followed my son's in a timely manner too. Very comfortable. With humor during the treatment. Very easy going. Feels more like visiting a friend than going to the dentist.The whole office carries this atmosphere. I more than recommend DaSilva Dentistry!"

by cinthiaw (September 3, 2011)


"Thank you so much for the outstanding dental care provided in my last appointment. Dr. DaSilva and his health care team are extremely professional, and at the same time, caring and friendly. I had all my questions answered and I was impressed by his confidence and knowledge, and his kindness. This was the best experience I had in dental care in many years, and I look forward my next appointment!"

by renatao (August 30, 2011)


"I found DaSilva Family Dentistry via a mailer and since they were close to where I work and I was impressed with Dr. DaSilva's work in Brazil I thought I would give the practice a try. I only needed my regular cleaning and everyone at the practice was friendly and very helpful. In addition it was great to have the doctor clean my teeth instead of only seeing him for 5 minutes at the end. I highly recommend this practice."

by ericc (August 5, 2011)


"Great place, great professionals, no rush, clear explanation of options. Totally worth driving an hour to get to your office! Wouldn't trade for any other office nearby. My health is worth the effort! Keep it up!"

by cinthiaw (August 4, 2011)


"I have started liking the DaSilva Family dentistry right from my first visit. The office is nice and clean, the staffs are cordial. Dr. DaSilva explained thoroughly what is needed for my teeth and what is going on there. I am very much impressed."

by kaushikc (August 4, 2011)


"I love the service, the office, the staff, and especially Dr. Ricardo and Fabia. You guys are awesome."

by katyc (August 3, 2011)


"Dr. DaSilva is BY FAR!! the BEST dentist out there. He and his staff are very, very, warm and friendly. You are made to feel comfortable and cared about! My husband, who was very aprehensive about a dental visit is not anymore after his visit. Thank You Dr. DaSilva & staff for what you've done for my family. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE!!"

by robynh (July 29, 2011)


"Dr. DaSilva made a special effort to get me in quickly to take care of a broken filling. He not only did a great job repairing the filling but he also improved the contact. I'm very pleased!!"

by janej (July 29, 2011)


"The office, staff & Dr were all FANTASTIC! It's a gorgeous office, all new equipment, the most modern dentist I've ever been to, and Dr. DaSilva cleaned my teeth! I've NEVER had a dentist do that for me before! It's always an assistant. My mouth feels fantastic, and I will definitely go back!"

by anonymous (July 28, 2011)


"This is by far the best dentist I have been to. The equipment seems to be all new and the staff is absolutely wonderful. I am glad I came across Ricardo DaSilva and his staff. Thank you and I will see you in 6 months for my check up."

by anthonys (July 22, 2011)


"Switched to DaSilva from another Dentist. Loved the high level of service. When I arrived I was treated very well did not have to wait for my appointment. Staff was great."

by wadet (July 20, 2011)

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